Glucovita Jelle Bolts

Glucovita Jelle Bolts is a fruit bar made with fruit juice concentrate, Honey, Liquid glucose and Iron. This is a flavourful and fun way to energise with the power of glucose.

Enjoy the sweet and juicy Glucovita jelle with real orange pulp.

MRP.₹ 10


Glucose Goodness


Honey is a natural source of carbohydrates which makes it ideal for your working muscles. Honey is a versatile, varied and delicious compound that contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains Flavonoids and Phenolic acids which acts as anti-oxidants (the amount varies upon the type of the floral source).Honey contains about 31% Glucose,38.5% Fructose,0.5% Vitamins, Minerals+Enzymes. It also contains about 7.2% Maltose.

Glucose Goodness


Orange is packed with vitamin C and minerals that improve heart health, bone strength and brain function.

Glucose Goodness

Liquid Glucose

Liquid glucose is loaded with carbohydrates which provides energy. Made from natural sources, it is broken down easily and has no side effects.

Glucose Goodness


About 50% of India’s population suffer from iron deficiency, commonly recognized by symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and headache. Iron is essential for body as it carries oxygen through the cells.

When do you need Glucovita Jelle Bolts ?


Recharge during sports

During an engaging match with your friends, have a few Glucovita Jelle Bolts to energize instantly and enjoy the fun without missing a beat.


Delicious energy treat

Homework is fun when you can treat yourself after every assignment. Keep up your energy with Glucovita Jelle Bolts.


Energy on the run

Running a marathon can be very tiring for your body. Have a few Glucovita Jelle Bolts before your run for sustained energy.


How much can be consumed at once?

Glucovita Jelle BOLTS are chewable bite-sized treats with the goodness of Glucose, honey and orange- making it the perfect solution to keep with yourself and consume on the go. You can enjoy as many as you need, as per your energy requirements.